Use smartphones to track assets and inventory by scanning barcodes, QR Codes or NFC Tags.

A Smarter Way To Manage Assets & Inventory

Manage multiple aspects of your assets


Tag assets and manage asset checkouts, check-ins, maintenance, reservations. and audits. Find out more.


Get you or your team notified, via email, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat, and push or webhooks, when specific events occur such as due or overdue checked-out assets, expiring warranties, maintenance, etc. Find out more.


Know the current status of an asset and view its historical data that includes who, what and when details.


Integrate with Zapier of Microsoft Power Automate to create automated workflows that increase efficiency.


Import or sync asset data to Google Sheets, Excel Online, and even Calendars.


Get access to a wide range of asset reports, including asset depreciation, export data as CSV, and generate visualization reports with Power BI or Looker Studio.

Track inventory adjustments with ease

Inventory Levels

Easily manage inventory increments, decrements and transfers, and stock-takes. Find out more.


Import inventory data from QuickBooks Online, Shopify, or Square Inventory then sync adjustments whenever they occur.


Create automated workflows for things such as purchase order creation using Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate.


View an inventory's adjustment history including the time and the person responsible.


Get email, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat, push, or webhook notifications sent when inventory levels are running low, expiration dates are getting closer, etc. Find out more.


Track inventory levels and adjustments for multiple locations.

Manage inbound and outbound deliveries

Goods Received

Track order items that have been received and associate them with a traceability record that details data such as what was received, the quantities received, who received them, where they got stored, etc.

Goods Dispatched

Create delivery records and periodically update their delivery status as they progress towards their destinations.


For outbound deliveries, create email, chat, or webhook notifications that occur whenever a delivery status changes. For inbound deliveries, create reminders for shipment delays.

Track work in progress


Maintain control over a production process as it progresses from one phase to another by regularly updating its status simply by scanning barcodes or NFC tags.


View detailed logged history of a work in progress that includes who, what, and when data.


Using either Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate, trigger automated workflows when specific tasks are accomplished.

Track the life cycle costings of your assets or inventory


Create various costing categories and use them to manage asset or inventory costings; from procurement, maintenance and disposal.


Capture costing details whenever incurred, including receipt images or supporting documents. Over the course of time, view detailed logged history of a costing that includes who, what, and when data.


View and analyze the impact of the costings incurred during the life cycle of your assets or inventory.

Track And Manage GS1 Digital Links

URL Destinations

Generate GS1 Digital links, with or without barcodes, and update the URL destinations for multiple GS1 link types including permissions-based custom URLs for internal purposes.


Scan barcodes or NFC tags and extract GS1 primary application identifiers from GS1 Digital Links, GS1 Scan4Transport or element strings.


View scan counts and enhance captured analytics using Google Analytics UTMs.


Work flexibly anytime, anywhere

Take advantage of our smartphone apps that grant access to view, create and update asset or inventory data.

Cloud-based Platform

Improve productivity by managing asset and inventory data from both the web and mobile app accounts.


Grant team members access to specific functions or custom fields and assign permissions to either view or view and edit data.

Custom Fields

Create various custom fields that can capture many types of data.


Upload different types of documents and associate them with either assets or inventories.

Grouping & Formatting

Group and format data in a manner that suits you.

Handheld Scanners

Use Bluetooth or Wireless scanners to send scanned data to the browser.

Barcodes & NFC Tags

Encode NFC tags, generate and print 1D or 2D barcodes such as QR codes.

Realtime Synchronization

Data displayed on the app or changes made are always up to date with the cloud.

User Permissions

Grant smartphone app users access to specific functions and custom fields.

Full Device Capabilities

Use custom fields to capture data best suited on mobile devices such as GPS coordinates, NFC & barcode scans, photos, audio, videos, etc.